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Clovis is the curation of the most valuable information learned along a personal journey of nutrition and fitness combined with a unique approach to health and wellness.

After hundreds of customs nutrition plans for clients the transformations have been staggering 50 pounds in 8 weeks, 40 pounds in 60 days, 21 pounds in 19 days, 100 pounds in 6 months!

You name it, I have a client who has done it… 

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Why You're Not Losing Weight on the Paleo Diet

I get questions, almost daily, from frustrated Paleo newbies. People who just aren’t getting the results they were hoping for. They’re not losing pounds, they’re not losing inches and they’re definitely losing patience. So what should these people do?

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"Wine Down Wednesday - Part 1" Live Ask Me Anything #38 with Justin Nault

Q: "Grey hair: Aging or a deficiency?"
Q: "Do you plan on having Clovis peeps on the podcasts sharing their stories?"
Q: "How do I advocate for myself with my conventional doctor? Any advice?" & More!

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Steady-state cardio is stupid. Yup, I said it, I meant it, and I’m here to represent it. Ok, ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh, so let me clarify. If you’re trying to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger or get faster, steady-state cardio is stupid. Let’s be honest...

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