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Digest & Rest - Sample Packs - Vanilla

About the product

  • Vanilla Flavor: 15 G Protein, 4 G Prebiotic Fiber, 7 Net Carbs, 0 Added Sugars
  • Convenient Single Serving Pouches. No added sugar.
  • We took our Original Perfect Paleo Powder formula and revised it specifically to address your need for rest and recovery from injury, sickness, disease, or from just being worn down by the daily grind. If you've been sidelined with an injury, this sports injury recovery formula will get you back in the game faster than any illness supplement, recovery supplement, recovery protein, or recovery protein powder on the market today.
  • Includes Pasture-Raised Beef Collagen, whole food ingredients like flax, banana, blueberry, and kale, along with probiotics, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, healthy fatty acids and essential vitamins and nutrients for your healing process. You don't need to just rest when you're sidelined, you need to Digest and Rest!
  • Tastes great, blends well, with none of the stomach upset of whey proteins, whey protein isolates, or vegan protein powders. If you're going through chemotherapy, we have had startling testimonies from people who have used the Perfect Paleo Powder as a rehabilitative protein and say it's one of the best cancer recovery supplements they have found.
  • No Soy, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, No Eggs, Gluten Free,Non GMO, No Added Sugar. This is just pure Paleo and Ketogenic recovery.