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Clovis Challenge Membership

What You Get:
Daily Educational Emails - Over 22 daily emails including all of the lessons above. By the end of this program, you will know more about nutrition than most Doctors.
Access to The Clovis Challenge Membership Website - A members-only platform with videos, ebooks, podcasts, resources, and exclusive Clovis Challenge discounts! 
Ebooks - 3 separate ebooks to set you up for success:
- The Clovis Challenge Crash Course 
- How to Prep Your Home and Family
- How to Find Your Woo-Woo Thing
Access to The Private Clovis Challenge Facebook Group - A safe space for you to share your journey with your new tribe of like-minded individuals!
The Clovis Challenge, in a nutshell... 
Week 1: Learn
- What are Macros and why are they important?
- The Science of Fat Loss... not as hard as you think! 
- Electrolytes for weight loss?!
- Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive! 
- Why we don't do "cheat days."
Week 2: Unlearn
- What is a Lectin and why do I care?
- Bye, Bye, Dairy! 
- "Healthy" Junk Food is still JUNK!
- The power of your community! 
- The problem with fitness as YOU know it.
- Willpower is a unicorn. 
Week 3: Relearn
- Fruit is NOT a health food!
- The single most Dangerous Sugar on Earth.
- The Ultimate Hack for food freedom!
- The point of no return...
- The Clovis Iceberg
- Check-In with Mind & Body
- Life After "Success."

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