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Clovis Ambassador Program

How To Create Your PayPal Account:

The easiest and most secure way for you to receive commissions as a Clovis Ambassador is to create a Personal PayPal Account to link to your I Am Clovis Ambassador Account. 

Creating a Personal PayPal account is beneficial in more than one way! Not only can you effortlessly receive your Clovis Commissions, you can also use PayPal at checkout on most popular websites, including the I Am Clovis store! You will no longer have to enter credit card information at checkout when you use the PayPal option. This can also be an easy way for friends and family to send and receive money after social events with split bills and other shared expenses. 

Follow these steps to create your PayPal Account: 

Step 1 - Create Your PayPal Account

Step 2 - Add Your Bank Account

Step 3 (When Funds Are Available) - Transfer PayPal Balance to Your Bank Online

(App Option) - Transfer PayPal Balance to Your Bank in the PayPal App 

How To Create Your Clovis Ambassador Account:

The Clovis Ambassador Account Sign-Up exists inside of the Members Only Platform here: 

If you have not created your I Am Clovis Member account, you must first do that to proceed: 

Click Here to Create Your I Am Clovis Account

Once you've created your Member Account, you can move forward and create your Ambassador Account 

How To Create Your I Am Clovis Ambassador Account: 


That's all there is to it! You are officially a Clovis Ambassador! 

If you have any questions at all, please, e-mail me at