Stop Telling Your Kids To Eat Vegetables - Live AMA #20

Stop Telling Your Kids To Eat Vegetables - Live AMA #20

Live Ask Me Anything #20 - Topics Covered:

Intro 6:50- Stop telling your kid to eat veggies... unless you know… 9:13- “Because I said so” is code for “I don’t know” 9:55- 40-50 years ago, our produce looked different 10:14- FB Check 10:51- Beliefs: We need to eat vegetables! ... Do we? 11:36- MICRONUTRIENTS MASTERCLASS: 15:20- The Fruit Debate: A Story 16:27- Fruit will kill you faster than red meat. Here’s the science behind that 17:38- Here’s how “an apple a day” will work out: 18:20- Fructose is just waiting to become new fat in your body- more science 19:07- Fruit in the grocery store is NOT fruit. It’s franken-fruit. 20:25- Phytonutrients: Let’s compare. (It doesn’t look good folks) 24:04- You’re eating too much, and yet you’re still malnourished 24:25- FB check 25:40- Commenting on Comments: Fiber in fruit? 26:25- How the hell do we get micronutrients in 2018? 30:27- What has our food pyramid done for us: Here are the numbers (They’re not good folks) 32:55- Micronutrients = Maintenance: A metaphor 34:28- RDA, what is it? 38:00- This is why I take over 50 pills a day… 39:33- This is tricky as hell. I’ve done the work FOR you 39:55- There’s a reason why there’s custom macros AND an approved foods list 41:03- THIS is why I created The Perfect Paleo Powder (hold on to your seat, I get worked up) 42:33- This is why I do custom supplement recommendations WITH your purchase of custom macros 42:58-FB Check 43:00- Commenting on Comments: Liver… 43:48- Commenting on Comments: Potassium?! Where is it? 44:49- Commenting on Comments: Should we be cooking all our vegetables? 46:00- Commenting on Comments: What do you think about nutritional yeast? 46:52- Commenting on Comments: L-glutamine? 47:20- The supplement industry is a multi-billion $$ industry 48:20- The supplement industry is unregulated (what?!?) 48:37- You can let your kids stop eating vegetables if you do the following... 50:10- Here’s WHY: The American diet is going to kill you... 56:08- The top 3 nutrient-dense foods on planet earth are... 58:13- If all your kids eat is fat, protein, herbs and spices, I’m 100% FINE with it!! 1:00:00- FB Check: "What do I do with my 10yr old vegetarian?!" 1:03:20- If you can’t get locally sourced, in season fruits/veggies, don’t do it. 1:04:11-FB Check 1:04:30- NEW LAUNCH AND SPECIAL OFFER! IAMCLOVIS.COM (confetti and balloons) #buycustommacros (FAQ’s on iamclovis .com) Live Q&A:
  • 1:22:05- "What do you think about electrolyte drops?"
  • 1:25:09- "What do you think about blueberries?"
1:26:37- Seeking Health- Trace Minerals Complex 1:27:26- WRAP UP!

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