Justin On: The Parent Well Podcast

Justin On: The Parent Well Podcast

Featured On: The Parent Well Podcast with Jessica Ridley

Justin Nault sits down with Jessica Ridley to discuss childhood nutrition and the challenges of raising healthy kids in modern-day America.

WELLfed - Clovis, Nutrition, and Eating Like a Caveman

Nutrition is everything folks!!! Tune in to hear some incredible advice from my friend and Certified Nutritional Therapist, Justin Nault. Don't hide your kids OR your wives - run directly to https://iamclovis.com/start and start reaping the benefits of a custom plan! Food is a huge part of my story and I'm so excited to be sharing that and this amazing way of life, with all of you. Thank you for listening! Talking Points: 11:00 - Justin's Background... From music to nutrition 14:57 - Why Justin is passionate about childhood nutrition 16:26 - What Is Clovis?! 17:40 - Justin can be your kids' Health Coach! 18:36 - "Is this safe for my kids?!" A rant... 21:00 - Leaky Gut and Fasting 26:16 - Depression is an auto-immune disease 29:50 - Food is either healing you or killing you 34:16 - Stop eating fruit! 35: 55 - All about Red Meat 37:20 - The Protein Leveraging Hypothesis 38:37 - You Can Quit Working Out... Yep, I said it. 42:00 - For the Moms of New Borns! 47:00 - Why Justin is Fearless 48:28 - How to work with Justin! Links:

I Am Clovis

Follow The Parent Well: www.facebook.com/theparentwell www.instagram.com/theparentwell/ twitter.com/theparentwell1 theparentwell@yahoo.com Justin Nault's Clovis website: www.iamclovis.com/ To get custom macros and see testimonials:www.iamclovis.com/start Justin's Perfect Paleo Powder:www.iamclovis.com/collection/frontpage Justin's podcast: anchor.fm/perfectpaleo Justin's podcast website: clovis.show/ USE PROMO CODE "parentwell" for 15% off everything at iamclovis.com CJ Hunt Interview on The Primal Blueprint Podcast: blog.primalblueprint.com/cj-hunt/ Book "A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives" by Dr. Kelly Brogan: http://a.co/d/cxkSbDJ The Protein Leveraging Process: youtu.be/u-Z4KccHmi8 Justin's AMA on Fruit: https://clovis.show/fruit-is-toxic-chocolate-is-a-health-food-live-ama-7/ Justin's AMA on Fat: https://clovis.show/how-eating-fat-can-save-your-life-live-ama-15/ Justin's AMA on meat: https://clovis.show/fruit-will-kill-you-faster-than-red-meat-live-ama-1/ THE REALITY SHOW WE WERE ON: youtu.be/8lOmiN5GTJ0

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