How To Feel Amazing... All The Time! - Live AMA #16

How To Feel Amazing... All The Time! - Live AMA #16

Live Ask Me Anything #16 - Topics Covered:

2:25- FAQ: What happens after your 30-day protocol?! 2:59- When I tell people they can’t exercise for the first 30 days... 3:32- You may not be ready for exercise yet… 3:58- Check out AMA #15 about MACROS. It starts there 4:20- Hormones run everything 4:24- Stay to the end to learn how to be Fat Adapted (Hint- it’s the secret sauce) AND this week’s special offer 5:23- Meet Justin 6:00- Let’s dive in! You’re carbohydrate dependent (sugar burner)... what does that mean? 7:25- In America, the 2:00pm struggle is very real 7:35- Story about Papa Nault- 8:45- We have just accepted the “crash” 9:03- What’s the reason for the crash? (Hint: It’s the flippin’ food pyramid) 9:33- “Metabolic Inflexibility” You are here. 10:10- There are 2 real sources of fuel. Glucose and Fatty Acids 10:23- Glucose = All Carbs. 11:06- ANALOGY: Glucose (carbs) are newspaper, fatty acids are logs. Which do you think you should be burning? 12:56- Your body has FORGOTTEN how to burn fat. 14:05- the SECRET to fat loss 14:30- Hormone optimization: Insulin = Fat Storage 15:40- We want to achieve fat adaptation: More science: Quick mitochondria lesson 16:26- If you want to age QUICKER, make all of your energy come from carbs! 16:50- Now let’s talk about reprogramming your body: Metabolic FLEXIBILITY… 17:38- Glucose is meant for SURVIVAL. Not your daily activities 18:23- 99% of your daily activity should be fueled by FAT 18:43- Metabolic inflexibility means you ONLY burn sugar. You cannot access your fat for fuel 19:30- Metabolic inflexibility is exactly WHY there’s no exercise for the first 30 days 20:28- If you are obese, you are chronically inflamed. (It’s serious) 20:35- anaerobic workout will exacerbate the inflammation that is already destroying your body 21:51- We have to handle the inflammation FIRST. Heal your body 22:41- Jenni’s story!! A Tale of “Do it your way, I’ll wait” 27:05- Don’t punish your body into submission. Your body will always win 26:55- LOVE your body just for 30 days 27:05- You cannot BEAT your body into submission. It’s BS 28:04- I get results because I use SCIENCE 28:17- Maximum results come from custom macro plans. However, here’s a free hack to get you started... 28:27-The average American eats between 300-600g of carbs a DAY! That’s INSANE 30:05- Gas tank analogy: The TRUTH broken down hard 34:35- Metabolic flexibility takes TIME 35:13- How do you know if you’re truly aerobic training once you’re ready? 35:30- Technology! Polar H-10 and the Polar Beat app 35:56- How to achieve true aerobic training. Basic math 36:40- You will become a freakin’ Tesla 37:08- Don’t be a moped. You're better than that. 37:20- I used to be a CrosFitter. I did all of the things. That’s how I know how difficult the mindset shift is 38:10- If you establish an aerobic base, you will literally be better at every activity you love 40:06- How often do I do this?!? 40:39- Remember no aerobic stimulus for 8 weeks, or you will work against yourself 41:13- Carbohydrates, Women, and Hormones… A love story 41:53- Listen to your body 42:06- A carb re-feed can be good for you… shock! 43:52- Net Carbs: The numbers, broken down 46:20- This week’s offer! Custom Macros, Clovis Kids, and Discounts! 54:40- Sign off!

Live Q&A:

00:40- Be very careful... That’s a lot of info we dished out there, be careful what you share 2:30- Thoughts on Intermittent fasting? 4:40- How do you determine at-risk weight? 5:20- Metabolism speeding up and slowing down? (Marketing myth!) 6:43- Mercury in Tuna? 8:21- What If I can’t eat breakfast? 9:10- Sidenote: I am not mad, I’m energetic and blunt, but I love you all!! 10:15- How do we know what our healthy weight should be? 10:51- Commenting on Comments: Most of the “food rules” we believe are rubbish. 11:30- Is ketosis the same as fat adaptation? 12:35- How to find single origin coffee beans? 13:05- What are the percentages of macros for fat loss? (don’t use a random online calculator) 14:14- Is coffee in Perfect Paleo Powder? (Let’s break down the terms and ingredients) 15:38- Is losing a pound a day ok? 16:59- Is the coconut oil in MCT ok? Is “highly refined” bad? 18:55- Which Perfect Paleo Powder formulas have coffee? 19:11- Do I need to buy custom macros again if I got them a while ago? 20:02- Lifting weights? What are your thoughts? 21:53- How much activity do you suggest with kids? 22:46- Fitness for after the 30 days? What AMA’s should I check out? 23:20- Do I need to worry about excess skin losing a ton of weight? 24:24- What about excess skin already? 24:49- How much Zevia is too much? 25:05 Commenting on Comments: Hit your macros! 25:50- Commenting on Comments: You can’t trick your body when it comes to sweetness 26:50- When do you suggest Digest and Rest? 28:14- Commenting on Comments: Stop asking questions about weight. It means NOTHING 28:47- Should we all have all the Perfect Paleo Powder?! 29:29- Should we re-adjust macros after 30 days?! What do I do? 30:32- Commenting on Comments: I tend to give everyone 1 email a week, but… 31:22- Sign off

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