Back To Basics: Lectins and Leaky Gut- Live AMA #24

Back To Basics: Lectins and Leaky Gut- Live AMA #24

Live Ask Me Anything #24 - Topics Covered:

4:50 - Episode Summary 9:42 - What the heck is leaky gut?! (80% of Americans suffer from it!) 12:42- Leaky Gut and Auto-Immune Disease 13:58- You cannot have auto-immune disease without leaky gut! 15:44- Leaky Gut and Inflammation 16:48- What the heck are Lectins?! 18:49- Plants have weapons! 19:29- Gluten... the world famous Lectin! 23:27- Whole grains contain all known lectins! 25:39- Lectins f*ck up your hormones 29:33- High Lectin Foods! 31:53- This fact will make you never want to touch feedlot meat ever again! 34:20- FB Check
  • 36:08- Commenting on Comments: Feedlot cattle and hunting
  • 36:35- Commenting on Comments: Your pets want meat. The end.
37:05- How Do We Defend Against Lectins?! 45:00- “But Justin, you don’t understand! I can’t live without tomatoes!!!” 47:31- FB Check
  • 47:35- There will not be a Clovis Pets, guys. They want meat. The end.
47:54- Pesticides, medications and other contributors to leaky gut and auto-immune disease 52:17- “For some people, until they make the full-blown switch to organic, nothing will happen for them.” 54:52- What Can We Do?! ... Hint: Clovis 56:15- How to reverse leaky gut 1:00:54- FB Check
  • 1:03:24- Q: My kids are 15 and 17, is Clovis Kids just for littles? Nope!
  • 1:05:27- Commenting on Comments: Clovis Kids is for YOU! We don’t want your kids raised afraid of food
1:07:42- LIVE Q&A:
  • 1:08:56- Q: My son is high functioning autistic with several other health issues, how/can you help?
  • 1:09:53- Q: Everytime I eat food out, I get severe neck pain, why is that?
  • 1:10:47- Commenting on Comments: the protocol only works if YOU do!
  • 1:12:14- Commenting on Comments: Go look into all of this yourself! Don’t let me be your only source of information
  • 1:15:04- Q: Teas to help candida?
  • 1:15:50- Q: I make milk kefir for my kids with organic milk, does that get the bad stuff out of the milk?
  • 1:18:50- Q: I’m deficient in calcium and vitamin D, if I’m not drinking milk, what do I replace it with?
1:21:00- Wrapping it up!

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