Back To Basics: Fat Loss - Live AMA #22

Back To Basics: Fat Loss - Live AMA #22

Live Ask Me Anything #22 - Topics Covered:

6:43- Hey y’all I’m Justin, and I transform LIVES 12:00- 1984- The beginning of the “low fat” myth 15:20- An obesity epidemic had never existed... until we implemented the Food Pyramid 24:44- All about hormones 25:17- Fatty Acids and your cells 27:47- INSULIN= FAT STORAGE 30:06- FB Check!
  • 31:26- Commenting on Comments - PCOS
  • 32:20- Commenting on Comments - Game meat is awesome for you
32:35- Insulin for muscle gain? 33:58- How energy metabolism works... 38:18- The Gas Tank Analogy: A Visual Lesson 42:29- FB Check
  • 43:05- Q: What alcohols do we need to avoid?
44:12- “There’s no form of fat loss that doesn’t come with disciplined decision making” 45:20- Fat isn't sexy... Our Lizard Brains. 48:02- Keto Supplements (uggghh) 55:50- Macronutrients and hormones Live Q&A:
  • 58:03- Q: What stevia is ok?
  • 58:39- Q: What about fresh fruit?
  • 59:37- Q: How long is the average detox?
1:00:23- Buying with Hashtags... 1:02:44- "The Perfect Fat Loss Guide" - Brand New E-Book!
  • 1:09:13- Q: "So ketones are ok to take if you’re using the approved foods list?"
  • 1:10:30- Q: The cholesterol thing...again…
  • 1:12:57- Q: What is a good brand of Curcumin?
  • 1:13:56- Q: Why does my approved food list include almond flour, but not almonds?!
  • 1:17:01- You can find ALL of these videos, with notes at our site:
  • 1:18:01- Q: Can you take too much vitamin D?
  • 1:19:45- Q: Are the t-shirts coming soon?
1:21:06- Wrap Up!!!

Listen to the Podcast:

Show Notes and Resources:

- Join The Clovis Academy for Free! - I Am Clovis - clovis®kids - "The Perfect Fat Loss Guide" by Justin Nault - How Setting Goals Sabotages Freedom (Ketosis Masterclass) - Simplicity: Why Paleo Can Be So Overwhelming - Eating Fat Can Save Your Life

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