"How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life" Live Ask Me Anything #15 with Justin Nault

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Live Ask Me Anything #15 - Topics Covered:

Intro: Welcome Newcomers!

4:23- So, Eating Fat Can Save Your Life- How do we do this?

5:33- Macros are the 3 Keys to optimal human health (Not your calories)

6:20- Stay til the end for a sneak peek at Clovis Kids & special offer

8:10- Some of this will be scienc-y. Don’t be scared

8:47- Who is this Justin Nault character?

9:55- What are all these numbers about?!

11:08- FB Check-in

12:14- Your beliefs system dictates your behavior

12:42- BELIEF #1:  Eating Fat Will KILL Me!

13:13- I want you to eat more FAT than anything else (whaaaat?!)

14:12- Doctors have had it wrong for decades


15:05- Cholesterol- let’s get into this (prepare to have your mind blown)

16:03- Your diet only provides 25% of your cholesterol… the rest is all you

17:12- The point of science is to DISPROVE the beliefs we had prior to having better science… except when there’s $$ involved: A story

18:20- Mark My Words: 10 years from now, EVERY expert will be saying  exactly what I’m saying

19:48- Burn down the food pyramid

20:21- Here’s the TRUTH: Fat is required for every function of every cell in our body. (SCIENCE)

21:27- Justin has a genetic cholesterol condition… A Story

23:15- Imagine your arteries are an interstate…

24:33- VLDL is the KEY to understanding your cholesterol risks

25:14- Eat more fat. Lower Carbohydrates, lower VLDL. Point blank

25:45- Hormones- you need cholesterol (Guys listen up!)

26:46- Erectile Dysfunction is NOT a real thing. Whomp Whomp.

28:03- There are NO blanket statements. We are ALL different.

29:15- What do I do if I go over my fat Macros?!?!

29:33- FB Check

30:25- BELIEF #2: Eating Animal Protein (red meat) will kill me!

31:29- Vegetarians and Vegans- Awesome! Let’s talk about that a little bit more

32:22- A High protein diet does not cause renal failure and organ issues - (Do you know how much protein IS “high protein”?)

33:33- You need enough Amino acids to survive!

34:26- Dr. Shawn Baker: The Carnivore Diet

35:27- Kidney failure does NOT come from eating meat. It simply does not.

36:34- Research now shows a direct correlation between the gut microbiome and kidney failure. NOT protein

37:20- Plant protein will never measure up to animal protein. Here’s why

38:47- Certain Essential Omega 3 fatty acids are ONLY in meats. There’s just no way around it.

41:23- Supplements must get converted in the body, we need animal protein to do this, otherwise you're paying for expensive pee

44:35- There’s just no way to get all of your amino acids from plants.

45:20- Brittany’s Story: A Vegetarian 

47:34- What happens if I go over my protein?!

47:42- FB Check

48:28- BELIEF#3: We Need Carbohydrates to Survive!

49:19- Zach Bitter, Ultramarathon runner. Boom

49:50- If an ultra-endurance athlete doesn’t need carbs - neither do you

50:25- Your body can make its own glucose. You don’t need to eat it!

51:20- ANY problems from eating excess fat or protein, ONLY come from consuming excess carbs in tandem 

51:30- Fat + Carbs= the most dangerous combination in the world

53:10- Extra carbs will basically turn everything into fat, and much worse…

54:37- Not even gonna talk about fruit today...

55:26- Storytime: When Justin first went Paleo

56:07- Carbohydrates are the only non-essential macronutrient (We’ll say it again for the cheap seats)

56:15- How is it that the ONLY non essential macronutrient has become the #1 Macro in the US?!?!

57:33- Would you rather...

57:46- Think outside the pyramid for just a second!

58:18- Dispelling the 3 Beliefs- the sum up

58:44- What happens if I go over my carbs?

59:31- FB Check

1:02:16- No Wine: AMA #2

1:03:04- Macronutrients are everything- Calories are NOTHING

1:03:30- Macronutrients are the most critical thing to get a handle on health, including the health of your kids! 

1:04:03- How many macros does your kids need? Nobody knows

1:04:42- Clovis Kids!! Woot Woot!

1:06:53- Kids in this country are malnourished because we did not know better

1:08:52- Clovis Kids Sneak Peek! It’s a whole new world

1:11:15- Special Offer. Oooo-la-la

1:27:52- Q&A and FB Check

1:29:57- Q: Why no exercise in the first 30 days?

1:30:50- Q: Coffee suggestions?

1:32:46- Q: Do our macros change

1:33:45- Q: Talk about the cut of meat vs. uncured, packaged etc

We got shut down. Whomp Whomp

2:00- Clovis Kids is EVERYTHING

2:21- Q: Brain Octane for kids, what’s the dosage for kids?

3:35- Q: Can my family start slow with the meat?

5:22- Q: Is the Carb Manager version of PPP correct?

5:50- We SAVE MONEY with the approved foods list. We’re taking out the nonsense

6:38- Q: Does the approved foods list come with macros?

7:49- Q: Venison? (Hint: Wild Game is the Jackpot)

9:17- Q: When will Clovis Kids launch?

11:23- If ALL Clovis Kids did was help 1 Kid, would it be worth it? (No brainer)

12:33- Q: Can I have legumes?

12:20- Q: What’s the difference between the Clovis Way, and Paleo? (Hint: Lots!)

14:52- FB Check

16:39- Even if your kids are adult sized, they are KIDS.

17:50- Wrap Up!

Links and Resources!

- I Am Clovis


- "Eat Fat, Get Thin" by Dr. Mark Hyman

- "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes

- "Primal Endurance" by Mark Sisson

- "Brain Maker" by Dr. David Perlmutter

- AMA #2 "Alcohol Doesn't Make You Fat"

- Craft Coffee

- Counter Culture Coffee

- Kion Coffee

- Bulletproof Coffee

- Brain Octane Oil

- Carb Manager App

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