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"Fruit Will Kill You Faster Than Red Meat!" Live AMA #1 with Justin Nault

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Live Ask Me Anything #1 - Topics Covered:

- The Ketogenic Diet (02:48)

- How Excess Fruit Can Cause Heart Disease (17:10)

- Cholesterol (14:08)

- Intermittent Fasting (21:09)

- Lifestyle/ Behavior Changes (26:48)

- Live Q&A (36:31)

  • Can I have Dairy on a Keto Diet? (36:32)

  • Are there different types of Red Meat? (38:16)

  • Fat-Free Cheese? (40:38)

  • Cashews and Turkey Bacon (41:32)

  • What should I do for Pre-Workout? (43:04)

  • Is Beef that is labeled Grass-Fed all good? (44:21)

  • How to make Alcohol "Healthy" (45:25)

  • What about Brown Rice or Jasmine Rice? (47:02)

  • Is LaCroix ok? (48:19)

  • What about riced cauliflower? (48:46)


Show Notes and Resources:

- The Perfect Paleo Powder - Fat Loss

- LaCroix Water

- Zevia (soda substitute)

- "Tripping Over the Truth" (Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet)

- Clovis Culture Tribal T-Shirts

- Butcher Box: Grass-Fed Beef Delivered to your Door

- Tennessee Grass-Fed Beef

- Found My Fitness: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

- Dry Farm Wines: Paleo/ Keto Friendly Wines

- "The Plant Paradox" by Dr. Steven Gundry

- "The Keto Reset" by Mark Sisson

- Robb Wolf's Keto Masterclass

- Keto Mojo: Blood Ketone Monitor

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  • You truly are a beacon of clarity with the sharing of your knowledge and the truth. I’m so sick of the Dr. Bergs who tell us mainly what we want to hear and are truly only in it for the money. Thank you

    Maureen Hagerty on

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